3 Keynote speakers:

  • J-F Gribomont - CEO UTEXBEL (BE)
  • J. Tytgat - Prof. Dr. Ku Leuven (BE)
  • G. Vermunicht - Director Innovation- VETEX (BE)

Day I - Thursday 28 September

8h30 Registration

9h-12h30 : Session I - chairman M. Vervaecke - Fedustria (BE)

  1. Wake-up Call, J-F Gribomont - UTEXBEL (BE)
  2. Toxicology of hazardous industrial chemicals: protection and biomonitoring, J. Tytgat - KU Leuven (BE)
  3. Emerging coating and laminating technologies for the Factory of the Future, M. Van Parys – UNITEX  (BE)
  4. OC2PUS:  solvent-free polyurethane coated technical textiles, G. Vermunicht - VETEX – (BE)

Coffee break

  1. AdphosNIR – NIR-drying technology for instantaneous setting, drying and fixation of textile printing and coating applications, K.K.O. Bär - Adphos Digital Printing GmbH (DE)
  2. Digital technology for the deposition of difficult functional material for technical textiles, A. Hudd - Alchemie Technology Ltd (UK)
  3. Traversing coating measurement and sensors – Process optimization at its best, M. Lisjak, V. Müller - Pleva GmbH (DE)
  4. Environment friendly manufacturing of window fashion materials (e.g. roller blinds, sun screens), F. Goossens - Faitplast (IT)

12h30 Lunch

14h-18h - Session II - chairman S. Verin - Up-Tex (FR)

  1. Eco-friendly water and oil repellent and antimicrobial finishes for textiles, D. De Smet - Centexbel (BE)
  2. A real time compounding process system for PU, PVC and latex, A.Schmidt - Hansa Mixer (DE)
  3. Performance Polyol ester plasticizer for Plastisol, A. Magnusson - Perstorp AB (SE)
  4. Silicones for technical textile coatings, M. Bortenschlager, K. Wierer - Wacker AG (DE)

Coffee break

  1. Waterbased and reactive hotmelt PU for technical textile applications, E. Mori, D. Dossi - Novotex Spa (IT)
  2. Powder hot melts for technical textiles, G. Vloedgraven, Dakota (BE)
  3. Textile Spray Finishing - a sustainable solution to significantly reduce the use of water, chemistry and energy, P. Stenflo, Baldwin Technology Company (DK)
  4. Digital coating technology: digital functionalization, T. Naschberger – Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbH (AU)
  5. Ultra thin Low Pressure Plasma DWR Coatings – Highest performance for lowest environmental footprint – An answer to REACH restriction on PFOA and PFOS, E. Rogge – Europlasma (BE)

18h00 Walking Dinner

day 2 - Friday 29 September

9h-12h45 – Session III - chairman J. Laperre - Centexbel (BE)

  1. Fun2cork: Functional coatings for cork textiles, J. Silva - CENTI (PT)
  2. Re-Inventing Cool Comfort, A. Carreira – Devan (BE)
  3. Energy and light (UV-LED), G. Brieko - IST Benelux BV (NL)
  4. Irradiation coating (UV-LED-EB): the change from wet to dry processes, M.  Van Parys – TexZeppelin (BE)
  5. Waste air cleaning for the textile coating industry using UVC-ozone technology, D. Boetiger - MDS Prozesstechnik GmbH (DE)

Coffee break

  1. Light-induced anti-microbial textiles with photosensitiser dyes, V. Von Arnim DITF-MR (DE)
  2. Luminoptex: eluminating textiles, P. Heyse - Centexbel (BE)
  3. Graphene for functionalization of advanced textiles, B- Wölfling - Hohenstein (DE), B. Demedts – Centexbel (BE)
  4. Decontamination and disinfection of coated and laminated textiles with liquid CO2, T. Verminck - Decontex (BE)

12h45 Closure

13h Lunch